You’re Never Too Old to Fix Your Ears


I wasn’t sure how to begin researching an article about otoplasty (ear surgery), but luckily I remembered that Dr. Melissa Doft said she specialized in ears, and even wrote a chapter in a book about it. Here is her expert advice on what patients should know before they get their ears pinned:

In the glamorous, media-driven world of plastic surgery, ears don’t get much attention. As long as there’s two, most people don’t give them a second thought. But a few millimeters is all the difference it takes between ears that blend in and those that stick out. Creative hairstyles and hats will only go so far – for a more permanent solution, many people will turn to surgery.

“Two hours can be life-changing,” says Dr. Melissa Doft, a board certified plastic surgeon and assistant professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College who specializes in reconstructive ear surgery. “Kids can do better in school, feel better socially, wear their hair in ponytails, and try out for sports. It really improves self confidence.”

Source: Otoplasty Surgery: 9 Things to Know Before Getting Your Ears Pinned or Reshaped