Web-based skin and beauty tools


Self obsession has never been easier, or at least more technically advanced. Researchers are leveraging the latest in photoanalysis and machine learning capabilities to create more accurate tools for assessing skin age, try on new hairstyles, and diagnose skin conditions. It’s like a Web-based report card for anti-aging.

Skin of mineUpload a photo of your face and the site will analyze your skin for acne, wrinkles, and age spots. Based on its analysis, the site will recommend products for you

How old do I look?Upload a photo and the site uses machine learning to guess your age based.

DreambitOn-demand photoshop that will take an uploaded photo and stick your face into images that match your image query.

FirstDerm – Take a photo of your skin condition and for $25 a board-certified dermatologist will reply within 24 hours with medical information on what it could be and how it could be treated.