AnteAge microneedling serum
AnteAge microneedling serum

First things first: I do not recommend microneedling at home. Microneedling is considered a non-invasive treatment, but the needles penetrate the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and into the dermis, and while this action is the mechanism by which collagen is induced, bacteria and particles can also be introduced in the process. For this reason, it is essential to use sterilized equipment, and only 100% metal devices can be sterilized–everything else is just surface cleaning (alternatively you can use disposable tips, but environment still needs to be clean, which means latex gloves in a sterilized environment).

But if you must microneedle at home, consider using AnteAge Home Microneedling Solution to enhance collagen production. Microneedling works by causing trauma to the skin, which calls into action cytokines that immediately start recruiting growth factors to the wound, which starts the healing process. The end result is new collagen at the injury site.

However, you can compound the effect by introducing additional growth factors that travel into the dermis through thousands of microchannels created by the needling device. Some doctors offer a medical-grade version of this product in their clinics, and often position it between microneedling using only HA and PRP. If the medical practice you visit offers neither, you might be able to purchase the product on and ask if the practitioner can apply it during the treatment.

I had a chance to try Eclipse MicroGlide GF, which is a white-label version of AnteAge’s product, during a recent microneedling treatment. The doctor used the serum as the slip–which is thinner than the HA she typically uses–and there was enough in one vial to cover the face and neck. After the session, I applied red LED at home. I’ve had only four microneedling treatments on my face (none with PRP), but I feel this produced the most immediate results because now an enlarged pore has been nearly completely minimized. Of course, this is also the only treatment that I combined LED, so I don’t know which is the enhancing agent. My take: it can’t hurt, will likely help.

Source: AnteAGE Home MicroNeedling Solution Box – 5 Vials – AnteAGE

Note: this is not a “sponsored” article, and I have not received free product or compensation from Cellese to write about their products (but they have offered me an industry discount, and one day I may take them up on it)