What I didn’t know about dermal fillers

dermal fillers

I wrote an article for cosmetic consultation platform Zwivel.com’s Beauty Blog about dermal fillers, and answered my most pressing question: how much will this anti-aging procedure cost me? A lot, it turns out.

The rule of thumb dermatologists use when it comes to estimating the amount of injectable fillers a patient needs to rejuvenate their face is one syringe per decade. Prices will vary depending on the brand you use and to some degree the market (more competition should, in theory, lower the price for the consumer), but on average it will cost between $450-700 per syringe. If you’re in your 40s or 50s and want to add Juvederm to your regimen, you’ll need to figure a way to add it to your budget first.

The good news is that injecting hyaluronic acid into your face can actually stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is broken down by UV exposure and free radicals, and as your body ages,  its ability to regenerate collagen as fast as its destroyed slows down. The result is loss of volume in the face, enlarged pores, deep lines, and jowls. HA-based dermal fillers can instantly replace volume to smooth wrinkles and lift the skin, and over time may stimulate collagen growth. This means that many patients will require fewer injections to maintain their rejuvenated look.

How much more affordable will this make the procedure? It’s hard to say. A lot will depend on a person’s lifestyle and their body’s absorption rate of the HA. But the take away is that the buy in for dermal fillers is intially high, but the maintenance costs should become lower over time.

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